Dell S2722QC 4K USB C Monitor Review – Connect PS5 , Laptop & iPad Pro Same Time

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Correction: HDMI Ports are type 2.0 . Power delivery for usb c port says 50w on the info booklet for some reason! The Dell S2722QC 4K 60FPS USB C Monitor .. Is this the one to choose for under 300$ if you are after a great 4K monitor for all your PlayStation 5 Gaming need and to handle everything work & leisure related? Let’s find out in this video where I will inbox the monitor, set it up and connect it to all my devices and test out how it performs.

0:00 – Intro
0:58 – Unboxing & Ports
2:34 – Setup
5:11 – Controls
6:36 – Features
9:29 – Conclusion

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