How to FIX PS5 TV / Monitor Colors WASHED UP Why PS5 colors look BAD!

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PS5 TV / Monitor Colors WASHED UP not displaying correct messed up Doing PS5 Adjust HDR Wrong. If you have an older tv or its just not looking right try and play with the HDR settings and or just turn it off, as you see in my video it made a drastic difference and change in video output settings.

While TV manufacturers love to plaster the 4K banner all over their advertisements, HDR (High Dynamic Range) is arguably a more exciting development in picture quality, creating detailed shadows, punchy highlights, and vivid colors. Like the PlayStation 4 Pro, Sony’s latest PlayStation 5 supports gaming in HDR for a picture that really pops—provided you set it up correctly.

Unfortunately, HDR can be finicky. Sometimes it appears to work fine, but you run into audio problems when it’s enabled, or see digital “snow” in the picture. Other times, your PS5 may revert to a standard picture even when connected to an HDR TV. Here are a few things you can try to get everything working properly.
https://www.pcmag. com/how-to/how-to-get-hdr-working-on-playstation-5
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