Best PS4 Games To Play On PS5 Using A 1080p Monitor!

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10 Best Ps4 Games To Play On Ps5 using a 1080p monitor.

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Playstation 5 includes a feature called game boost which offers increased loading speeds and improved or more stable frame rates for Playstation 4 games. If the PS4 game has an option to run at an uncapped frame rate then most likely it will be able to reach 60fps on the PS5.

Game boost is enabled automatically on the Playstation 5 so no need to turn it on.

Some PS4 games can only output to a resolution of 1920 x 1080p while played on the Playstation 5. Even though frame rate has been increased to 60fps the pixel count still remains at 1080p for some games. This video shows you the best PS4 games to play on a PS5 while using a 1080p monitor. The monitor used in this video is the Lepow Z1 Gamut 15.6” Portable Monitor.

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