【iPlay 50 Mini Pro NFE】覇権8インチタブ爆誕!!【Alldocube】

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モデル名 iPlay 50 mini Pro NFE
ストレージ容量 256 GB
メモリ容量 8G(+8G)
画面サイズ 8.4 インチ
ディスプレイ最大解像度 1920×1200 Pixels


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This is a mini version of iPlay 50 Pro that can be purchased for less than 20,000 yen through sales and coupons.
The size has become considerably smaller from 10 inches to 8.4 inches, making it easier to handle.
And with the same game performance and improved color reproduction, you can play everything from retro games (emulators) to the latest Android games with a more beautiful screen!

Model name iPlay 50 Mini Pro NFE
Storage capacity 256GB
Memory capacity 8G (+8G)
Screen size 8.4 inches
Maximum display resolution 1920 x 1200 pixels

I don’t need another 8 inch.



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