I Bought the Ultimate PS5 Setup

1704741058_maxresdefault-9671522-8013136-jpg テクノロジー

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Chapter Titles:
0:00 Ultimate PlayStation Setup
1:26 This Still Exists?
2:19 4TB SSD Upgrade
2:46 PS5 Slim Unboxing
3:37 PS5 Disc Drive Upgrade
4:22 Vertical Stand
5:06 SSD Install
6:39 InZone M9 Monitor
7:10 Do you need a PlayStation SSD?
7:55 Swapping Disc Drives
8:38 PlayStation 3D Camera
9:30 InZone H9 + DualSense Edge
10:51 PlayStation VR2 Unboxing
11:48 PlayStation Portal
15:16 PSVR 2 Gaming


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