Top 3 PS5 Monitors in 2023 👌

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🧨Links to Top 3 PS5 Monitors in 2023🎯
★ 4K MONITOR FOR PS5 ★ 0:00​​​​ – Intro
🔶 LG 27GN950-B 🔶 0:46 Time Stamp

🔶 LG OLED48CXPUB 🔶 2:05 Time Stamp

🔶 LG 32UL500-W 🔶 3:16 Time Stamp

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Hey guys, Taylor here with another video. Now for those of you who are lucky enough to score a PS five, if you really want to take full advantage of this upgraded hardware from Sony, you’re going to want the proper monitor to go with it. Now, there are tons of different monitors out there that can be great for your PlayStation five. But we’ve done a ton of research on this topic, and we’ve picked a few that we really think are the best to showcase what the new PlayStation five can do. So today, we’re going to be breaking down a list of these monitors and going through some of the benefits and features of each to see which might be right for you in your particular situation. Now, as always, I will leave links to each of these products in the description below. So feel free to check them out there if you’re interested. Also, if I do happen to find any discounts, deals or coupon codes, I’ll drop those down below for you as well. So first up, we have the best 4k monitor for PS five and that’s going to be the LG 27 gn 950 B. Now this is a fantastic monitor with a ton of features. It does have RGB illumination at the back. It also has a really high refresh rate, which is great for keeping your picture smooth and seamless. It is a 160 hertz panel. But just note that it only has HDMI 2.0 support. So you’ll only be able to play 4k games up to 60 hertz, but it is still pretty impressive, and it has great gaming performance. This one also has really great response time and low input lag. This is definitely important if you’re going to be playing competitive games like Call of Duty. It also doesn’t have a black frame insertion feature, which is generally good for reducing motion blur. But that shouldn’t be too much of an issue because everything does look pretty smooth here due to that 160 hertz refresh rate. This one is 27 inches, and it does provide a higher pixel density than 4k TVs, which means the images are going to be very clear. This one also has high peak brightness, but the reflection handling isn’t great. So just note that you won’t want to use this monitor in a brightly lit room. It also doesn’t have the best HDR experience. But it does have a Picture in Picture Mode. So you can actually display an image from your PS five and computer at the same time, which is really great, especially for those of you who are interested in doing things like streaming. So if you are looking for the best 4k monitor for PS five, we highly recommend the LG 27 gn 950 B. Next up, we have the best large monitor for PS five and that’s going to be the LG OLED 48 cx p UB. Now for those of you that want a big monitor, this is a great option. It is 48….ran out of the 5k characters limit, sorry guys.


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