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The speed and beauty of a new frontier :- THE PREDATOR XB323QK NVbmiiphuz

Achieves both a refresh rate of 144Hz and a high resolution of 4K. With a response speed of 0.5ms (GTG, Min.), The image is extremely smooth. Equipped with
HDMI 2.1 port x 2 * 1 , DisplayPort v1.4 port * 2 , USB 3.2 x 1 (Type-C) * 3 , and supports the performance required by the latest game devices.
With overwhelming speed and vivid colors, you can bring out the potential of the game.

With 4K (3840 x 2160) high resolution, your gaming experience will be even higher.
Equipped with an IPS panel that is easy to see from any angle, it achieves a DCI-P3 90% vivid color gamut and high-speed response.
Furthermore, with excellent color accuracy of less than Δ (delta) E1, colors are reproduced precisely.

Deep and realistic immersive feeling
Supports VESA Display HDR ™ 400 for clear, high-contrast display of bright and dark content.
Accurate brightness and a wide color gamut bring a sense of realism, allowing you to immerse yourself in the world of games and video. Also equipped with 4W + 4W stereo speakers.

Unique technology that skillfully manipulates light and color
Equipped with two unique functions that keep the optimum light and color at any time and environment.
LightSense detects the amount of ambient light and automatically adjusts the brightness of the display
to reduce the amount of light in a dark room and display brightly in a bright environment during the day.
ColorSense reduces the brightness and color gap between the room and the monitor, and automatically adjusts to the appropriate amount of light and color temperature.

Unique technology to watch over and snuggle up to people
Equipped with ProxiSense that encourages breaks when playing continuously for a long time.
According to the customized settings, the sensor detects when the time to face the display is long and sends a reminder message.
Also, if you are away for a long time, the auto power off mode will be activated.

Equipped with a Game View function that allows you to select from eight video modes according to the genre, and an e-sports mode that adjusts the black level to the optimum state. You can build the best environment according to the title and play style.

Equipped with functions such as BluelightShield Pro and flickerless technology to suppress factors of eye strain. In addition, the low dimming function that adjusts the brightness in a dark environment makes long game play comfortable.

Equipped with a height adjustment function of up to 130 mm, a swing function of 30 ° / 30 ° left and right, and a tilt function of 25 ° up / 5 ° down. You can keep the optimum position.

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