Part 1: It's pointless to buy a PS5 and a Samsung Odyssey G7 4K monitor!

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This is the first video on this topic.

So this is an update to the first video I put out on this topic. I will say that the first video has mixed comments and reviews. Let me start this one off saying that I should rename the title to “Why I think it’s pointless to buy a 4K 120hz monitor just for the PS5”. I did purchase the Samsung Odyssey G7 4K monitor a few months ago. I used the monitor for about two weeks and then decided to return it for a few different reasons. In addition to that, I just got my PS5 as well at that time and it was the first time using it too. I had a PS4 Pro that I was using prior to the PS5, so 4K was not new to me on the Playstation. Now getting back to the main part of the video, why I think it’s pointless to buy a 4K 120hz monitor just for the PS5. Currently the PS5 only produces a 4K 120hz output to a handful of games. The majority of the game titles that do produce that, I don’t care to play. So with the price of 4K 120hz monitors being very expensive (to me they are expensive), and the knowledge that technology gets more affordable the older it is, I feel like waiting for the price to drop is a smart thing to do for me. Also, while you wait for the price to drop, that will give PS5 game developers time to come out with better games at 4k 120hz. If money is not an issue and you want to buy the Samsung Odyssey G7 4K monitor, then go for it. At the time of the first video, the monitor retailed at $800, and I got an open box one from Best Buy for around $650. Once I hooked everything up, it did look pretty good. I did however have problems with it not outputting 4k 120hz. Remember at the time, the PS5 was still new to me. I didn’t know only certain games produced a 4K 120hz signal. It took me hours of research to try to determine what was going on. So here I am, supposed to be playing the game, instead I am problem solving, which was also a big factor into my frustrations.

Let’s get to now, and this video. I still think it would be wise to wait for a 4k 120hz display. Just in the three months since making the first video, I have had people tell me that they got the monitor for less than $500. Do I think the G7 4k monitor is a great monitor, Yes. Is it worth around $500, well that’s for you to decide. I still do not have a 4k 120hz display. I have a 1080p 240hz display that I am using now and it’s great for me. As for the PS5, I do like the PS5, but Sony has failed the consumer with not providing more 120hz content regardless if it is 1080p or 4K. There is a tough time ahead for gamers and developers. Hopefully we get some awesome AAA games in 4k 120hz soon!

Seriously, Thank You for all your comments, whether you agree or disagree with me.

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