Sony's $900 PS5 Pro Display: InZone M9

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PS5 Update: Sony’s InZone gaming monitors and headsets are for more than just PS5 gamers. Are you going to buy one of these monitors? PlayStation Insider Shares Update on PS5 Pro Controller.

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From The Verge

“Sony’s InZone gaming monitors and headsets are for more than just PS5 gamers. Sony is attempting to reach out to more than just PS5 gamers with its new InZone brand of gaming monitors and headsets. I got my hands on them in the video embedded above if you’d rather see or hear me talk about these gadgets. Made for PC but with specs to take full advantage of the PS5, along with Xbox Series X, the $899 InZone M9 is the flagship product of the bunch. It’s a 27-inch 4K IPS gaming monitor built to match the aesthetic of the PS5 while having basically every imaginable spec that gamers may universally want, sans OLED panel, of course. It has a 144Hz refresh rate (that’s not so common to find with a 4K screen), a 1ms response time, variable refresh rate (VRR, both for consoles and with G-Sync compatibility for Nvidia GPUs), plus DisplayPort and HDMI 2.1 ports. It can also display video via USB-C.Notably, the M9 features full-array local dimming with 96 zones, along with DisplayHDR 600, both of which allow for brighter highlights, darker blacks, and the ability to juggle the two without too much of a haloing effect. Some features that are special to this monitor (and that trickled down from high-end Bravia TVs) include auto HDR tone mapping, which automatically recognizes the M9 when plugged into a PS5 and claims to optimize the display’s HDR output. There’s also an auto genre picture mode that can automatically switch to cinema mode when you launch a video streaming service or a Blu-ray, then go back to a low-latency mode when you begin gaming again.”

From Comicbook

“PlayStation Insider Shares Update on PS5 Pro Controlle. A PlayStation insider has shared an update on the rumored PS5 Pro controller. A Sony event is set to go down on June 28, and according to a report, Sony is going to unveil its new “INZONE” line, comprised of three pairs of headphones and two gaming monitors. The event itself has been confirmed, but the contents of the event have not, though in Sony’s announcement it did seemingly drop a subtle tease at INZONE. That said, at the time of the initial report, there was some speculation that the rumored PS5 Pro controller could be revealed at this hardware event. According to a follow-up from industry insider and leaker, Tom Henderson, this isn’t going to happen. Henderson doesn’t say when the controller will be revealed, but he claims it will definitely not be at this event, which will be limited to the INZONE line, which the controller is not a part of. As for the controller itself, we still same details. Henderson claims it’s “a genuine professional controller” being made under the codename “Hunt.” It’s said to have the same form, but there are some hardware adjustments, such as removable analog sticks, trigger stops, rear buttons, and removable grips. In addition to this, PlayStation fans are told to expect software upgrades as well.”

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