EVERY Gaming Console in One Monitor Setup – PS5 Series S PC Switch

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Such a glorious setup comes with a gaming monitor with a KVM.

This monitor is a smooth 165hz at 1440p which pairs perfectly with the Xbox Series S, and PS5’s soon to come update!

Thank you BenQ for sending out the monitor bar for this setup!
Find the BenQ Halo Monitor Bar Here! – https://geni.us/BenQ-Halo

All items can be found below! thanks for watching.

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Product Links:
BanQ Halo Monitor Bar – https://geni.us/BenQ-Halo
MSI Trident X PC – https://geni.us/MSI-GAMINGPC
Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Headset – https://geni.us/ArctisNovaPro
Gigabyte M32Q Monitor – https://geni.us/M32Q
XBOX – https://geni.us/XBOXSERIESS
PS5 – https://geni.us/PLAYSTATION5
HDMI Switch – https://geni.us/EgRI0fB
Nintendo Switch OLED – https://geni.us/SWITCHOLED
MacBook Pro – https://geni.us/SODQH7W
Logitech G604 – https://geni.us/Logi604

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