Best Gaming Monitor 2022 | Buying Guide for 1080p, 1440p, 4K | PC PS5 XBox

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Want the Best Gaming Monitor 2022? In this best gaming monitor 2022 buying guide, we explain what specs to look for and break down the best 1080p gaming monitor, best 1440p gaming monitor, and best 4k gaming monitor. -Expand Description for Product List-

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▶️NOTE: List below regularly checked/replaced if better deals available

▶️ Best Budget 1080p Gaming Monitor
$179 AOC 24G2SP 24″
$199 AOC 27G2 27″
$159 Pixio PX248 24”

▶️ Best eSports 1080p Gaming Monitor
$299 ViewSonic XG2431 24″ 240Hz
$299 ASUS TUF VG279QM 27” 280Hz
$279 ASUS TUF VG259QM 25” 280Hz

▶️ Best 1440p Gaming Monitor (Budget)
$283 HP X27Q 27”
$299 Dell S2722DGM 27″
$279 Gigabyte M27Q 27″
$299 Gigabyte M32Q 32″

▶️ Best 1440p Gaming Monitor (Midrange)
$399 LG 27GP850-B 27”
$407 MSI MAG274QRF-QD 27”

▶️ Best 1440p Gaming Monitor (Best of Best)
SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 240Hz
– $549 27”
– $553 32”
$749 Alienware AW2721D 240Hz
$669 ASUS XG27AQM 270Hz

▶️ Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor
$349 Gigabyte G34WQC
$449 Gigabyte M34WQ
$449 Dell S3422DWG
$783 LG 34GP83A-B

▶️Best Super Ultrawide Gaming Monitor 1440p
$1099 Samsung Odyssey G9 49″ 240Hz

▶️ Best Budget 4k Gaming Monitor
$309 ASUS VG289Q 28″ 60Hz
$329 LG 32UN500-W 32″ 60Hz

▶️ Best 4k 144hz Gaming Monitor
🔥$479 Gigabyte M28U
🔥$679 M32U 32”
$599 Samsung G7 28″
🔥$679 Aorus FV43U 43″
*NOTE: LG C1 phased out, has been replaced by the LG C2
$1296 LG C2 OLED 48” 120Hz

0:00 Best Gaming Monitor 2022 Overview
0:31 Resolution & Aspect Ratio
1:23 Refresh Rate – How Much Do You Need?
2:35 What Resolution is right for you?
4:33 Response Time – How to Avoid Ghosting
5:12 Does Panel Type Matter? (TN vs IPS vs VA)
5:54 AMD FreeSync vs NVIDIA G-Sync
7:05 Curved Vs. Flat Gaming Monitors
7:26 What Monitor is Best for Each Gamer Type?
8:47 Gaming Monitor Recommendations
9:04 Budget 1080p Monitor #1
10:01 Budget 1080p Monitor #2
10:20 Best Esports Gaming Monitor 1080p
11:21 Budget 1440p Monitor
12:24 Midrange 1440p Monitor #1
12:55 Midrange 1440p Monitor #2
13:20 Best Ultrawide 1440p Monitors
14:31 Best 1440p Gaming Monitor #1
15:26 Best 1440p Gaming Monitor #2
16:03 Best Super Ultrawide (1440p)
17:08 Best Budget 4K Monitor
17:59 Best 4K 144hz Monitor #1
19:22 Best 4K 144hz Monitor #2
20:19 Big Screen 4k 144hz #1
21:06 Best of Best 4K Gaming
Freesync vs Gsync

In this Best Gaming Monitor 2022 Buying Guide, we review the key things you need to know to find the best gaming monitor for pc gaming, PS5, or Xbox Series X. We explain the important specs of resolution, refresh rate, response time, panel type, and more. Most gamers will want a refresh rate of at least 144Hz, which roughly equals 144 FPS. There are diminishing returns for refresh rates above 165 Hz and ultra high refresh rates are mostly for competitive shooters where every frame makes difference. The best gaming monitor 2022 will also have good response time and low input lag. To find the best gaming monitor 2022 you need to look past the marketing. 1080p gaming monitors remain very popular for both budget and high end competitive shooter audiences (who want maximum refresh rates), but the fastest growing market is 1440p gaming monitors. Some of the best gaming monitors you can buy are 1440p, and we review the best gaming monitor for any resolution. If you want the best 4k gaming monitor, and particularly the best 4K 144hz gaming monitor (best 4K 120hz gaming monitor for console), then there are great options in 2022.

Our recommendations include best budget gaming monitor, best 1080p gaming monitor, best 1440p gaming monitor, best ultrawide gaming monitor, best super ultrawide gaming monitor, best budget 4k gaming monitor and best 4K 144hz gaming monitor. We teach you how to understand the key properties of a gaming monitor to find the best one. The monitors we review are good for PS5 (1080p and 4K, as PS5 does not support 1440p) and Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. #PCGaming #GamingMonitor


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